APC Automatic Voltage Regulator, LE1200, Line-R 1200VA


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  • The APC Line-R automatically corrects brownouts (by boosting low voltage) and overvoltages (by stepping down high voltage) from the power utility service to levels that are safe for computers, as well as other sensitive equipment.
  • The Line-R provides an ON/OFF power switch/circuit breaker which functions as the master power switch for the Line-R and all devices connected to the device
  • ON/OFF Power Switch/Circuit Breaker applies and removes power to/from the Line-R. This switch also functions as a circuit breaker in the event of an over-load condition.
  • How to use: 1) Select Input Voltage 2) Plug the Line-R into Wall Outlet 3) Connect your Equipment 4) Switch ON the Line-R
  • The total power consumption of all equipment plugged into the Line-R must not exceed the ?Maximum Output Power Capacity? rating listed in the Specifications table. A total load in excess of this rating will cause the power switch/circuit breaker to ?trip?

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